Why end user license agreements (EULA) have bad User Experience?


History is testimony to the fact and so are the analytical figures that hardly any end user reads software license agreements. It is being said that less that 8% of end users spare some time and patience to read the license agreements and rest of the 92% hardly bother.

· Is it that users are curious to install the software or get a service as quickly as possible and see what underthehood is?

· Is it the length of the agreement or complex wording for which one needs to hire a legal expert to understand it fully?

· Is it the time constraints which follows a user all over his life?

If you ask me? I would sincerely express that I had tried many times to read license agreements to understand them, but every attempt was a failure. I never found them intuitive, user friendly, interesting, easy to understand and what is highly shitty about them is time consuming and lengthy.

But what is nightmare to us now, is definitely giving us window to dig deep into this puzzle and try to resolve this and make history.

If you are reading/watching news daily like me then it is not hard to remember that latest happenings in the world regarding user privacy issues which had grabbed the attention of people around the world. From Facebook/Google/Microsoft to NSA/Snowden leaks, people are clear that their user privacy had been compromised and when same is being challenged in the courts. It had been found hardly any user had read the agreements before accepting.

It is not the fault of the users who are not reading the license agreements and later found themselves in trap. It is the fault of BAD User Experience of license agreements.

No more than 8% of users read the License Agreements in full.

Every one of us know how much is being written, read, trained and widely acclaimed about User Experience. User Experience had resolved lots of complex puzzles and therefore giving more freedom, contextual approaches,user friendly and every thing which makes sense.

I therefore request your great attention and patience to let us think about it and let us share the ideas, and work on it as a common goal. Our mind is the ocean of ideas, whether good or bad, whether small or big. Sometimes small idea acts as catalyst for a big idea and I am sure we lack any.

So let us put our IDEAS forward!