Use Dropbox to create public URL


Hey! Friends

Today i came up with a new trick which i learnt just few secs before and thought to share with you. Basically i learnt how to create a public URL via Dropbox , do you know what i mean exactly…?

O! let me make it simple  e.g suppose you have designed/developed a project few minutes before and now you want to share it across your friends/peers to get first hand feedback from them and you don’t have any hosting account but still you wanna to share your project link.

No worries Dropbox comes to your rescue and provide you free space, not only you can use Dropbox to create public URLs but you can use it as storage devicce as well. If you are team member of a big or small team who are working remotely and wanna to sync to each other, you can use Dropbox for the same.. My suggestion is to visit above mentioned Dropbox link to create you account and download/install the Dropbox software on your machines which you wanna to sync (means you can access same files on different desktop which are synced) to your Dropbox.

Ok, It is enough intro, now let us create a simple HTML page or visit any of your blog posts or any web page online and save that webpage to you desktop by going to FILE –>Save page As and set the destination as desktop(shortcut kep as Ctrl+S) or destination of your choice.

Now go to your desktop and you will find there webpage and folder(s) which contains its assets, copy them both and go to your PUBLIC FOLDER of Dropbox and put it there, allow the files to sync (Snyc is complete when you find little Green Tick sign on file icon)and then RIGHT CLICK on webpage and goto DROPBOX and then COPY PUBLIC LINK.

DropBox Image

Paste the link in browser and Voilaaa! here is your page. You can now share same link with your friends and other for FREE and get your project feedback.

Hope this is interesting for you…

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