Beware: Fake Google Job Resume Emails Contain Viruses


Hi Friends,

I received this email almost 5  times and every time i failed to understand why this so called Google Resume status email send from email id “” asks about the proper subject for resume submission mail as if Google is asking aspirants to submit their resume via email, which is not the case. Becoz Google Jobs portal is working same as other Job portals to submit their resume online.

This morning when i doubtly tried to search for Google Jobs email id if any and i got many posts already posted which mentions about the Email containing virus which mentions about failed resume submission to Google jobs. The text of email may vary from across the receivers. The text of that email which i received looks like this.

Thank you for your interest in Google job opportunities. Our system uses the email subject line to match

applications with current openings. Unfortunately, we were unable to determine a match for any of our

current openings based on your message.

If you are interested in a specific job, please resend your resume and include the job title in the

subject line of your email. This will help us get your resume to the right person more quickly.

Current openings can be viewed at: If you are interested in more than one

position, please send a separate email for each position.

Please do not respond to the from address of this email, as it won’t accept your resume.


Google Staffing

So friends i thought to make u aware… and do share this with your friends… Thank you…


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