What Beginner Need In CS5:


Note: Suggestion are based on latest video on gotoAndLearn.com about CS5

1.         It is good improvement made by Adobe that now users are allowed to perform other things like read documents or write emails while loading the Flash CS5, but one thing which i find good is to allow us further to minimize the CS5 to system trays(Like that of Antivirus icon on our system trays) and allow the user to launch it again from that area.

2.         I pay special thanks to Adobe that they have added a brand new Fonts Embedded panel which gives us information about the fonts embedded so far. I would like to suggest Adobe here that there should be some label which should show us the measurement about the impact of embedded font & its characters on Swf file size.

3.         Regarding Embedded fonts, Flash CS5 should also ask the developer weather he wants to embed the font with SWF or keep it on separate folder and then dynamically called by SWF where ever it is in need. Then we can upload the fonts with release build of our project.

4.         It is nice to have code Snippet now in CS5. But one more thing which i think should be improved is that if we wanna to apply Drag and Drop character to a Graphics, we should be allowed to just drag respective code from Code Snippet and drop it on that object for which we want Drag and Drop. It should automatically apply the code in respective code files or ask the developer where to reside the code.

5.         (TLF Text) When we interlink one TLF Text Box with another TLF text box and now if we want to change the format of one interlinked TLF Text Box, there if the format is different it tends to overflow the text into nearest possible interlinked text box in same changed format while as it should retains the format of that interlinked text box to which it is overflowed.

6.         During the process of changing the orientation of different text languages into their respective readability, Developers should be allowed to choose the language in which he/she wants that his/her end user should translated it with respective flags representing that language.

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