Top 10 things new Flex developers should know


By MICHAEL PORTUESI | Published: NOVEMBER 27, 2009

While helping a coworker get started with Flash and Flex development, I thought it would be a good time to cover the list of things that I have found pretty essential to know about Flex development, coming into it as a new developer.

Some of these items are simple details that you need to know. Others point to profound differences between Flash/ActionScript/Flex and other development environments.

Before you start

If you know HTML/CSS development, and some JavaScript, but nothing about ActionScript or Flex, you should really take the time to understand what object-oriented programming means, as ActionScript is a true object-oriented language, and Flex is an object-oriented framework.  The same advice applies if you have been doing pure timeline-based Flash development without getting much into the ActionScript stuff.

Doug Winnie of Adobe has produced an excellent article addressing this topic.  Additionally, he offers a series of free online video tutorials to get you started with ActionScript development from the perspective of a Flash developer.

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